10 Ways to get Ready for Back to School (Rugged Bear Style)!

1. Do one last summer activity. A beach or lake trip is great, but if you are pressed for time find a pool, bike ride in the park or go on a picnic!

2. Take inventory of your child’s school wardrobe from last year: what still fits, what is starting to look to worn, etc. Make a list of outerwear, clothing, footwear and accessories needed (check out Rugged Bear’s fleece and light weight coats or pants and hoodie sets!).

3. Snap a photo on the first day back to school. Now that I think about this idea, I even had to do this for my senior year of high school. Although, seemingly unnecessary at the time, I am glad that my parents have those photos!

4. Have your child get reacquainted with school friends by planning a play date before the first day back.

5. Encourage at least one extracurricular activity whether it is school related or not. There is an abundance of fun clubs and classes from team sports to sewing to acting – let your child choose their favorite!

6. Look up new lunch or snack ideas to keep your kids from getting bored or making trades at school (check out Rugged Bear’s Pinterest for ideas!).

7. Tell your child a funny story from when you were their age or, if you really want them to laugh, show an old school picture or yearbook.

8. Make bedtime gradually a little earlier every night. Don’t you remember lying awake in bed the night before school started? It may have been nerves or excitement, but it probably also had to do with late summer nights. Bedtimes are hard to enforce, but it may make the transition to the school routine easier!

9. Buy fun school supplies! Who doesn’t like new notebooks and pencils with Hello Kitty or Batman on them?

10. Shop Rugged Bear’s new collection of mid-weight fleeces, three-piece pant sets, socks, crib shoes and, soon to come, ski jackets and pants!

Available at: Lord & Taylor (online also), Von Maur, Boscov’s, Denny’s Children’s Wear and Amazon.com!

Rugged Bear goes back to school!

Rugged Bear goes back to school!